Viewer selectable multi camera views

Viewer selectable multi camera views



 Mar 26 2021

I'd like to be able to have multiple sources (cameras and screen sharing) sent to live viewers so that they can choose what content they're viewing with a single audio source (example - if there were 3 cameras and a PPT available, the viewer could be watching a demonstration taking place on 1 camera feed, then refer to the slides or choose a different camera feed independently of what anyone else was watching).


This is kind of possible in Teams using the Pin feature, but means the host having to run 4 PC's with 4 accounts to join a meeting - clunky! Be much easier if 4 cameras could connect direct to the 1 PC for 1 user to run.


It would also be nice if all the available sources were recorded in sync for playback after the event, still with the option to select the content as it's being viewed (think DVD multi-angle).

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