Support for multiple audio tracks

Support for multiple audio tracks



 Apr 04 2019
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We've got a number of videos that have a single video track, but multiple audio tracks. For example a presentation that has the same video content but has an English, Spanish, and French audio track that can be selected.


Currently from testing Stream seems to select the "last" audio track from the file, it would be nice if there was support for either multiple audio tracks, or an option to select and audio track before publishing.

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Being able to select the audio track from different languages should be the #1 feature upgrade for MS Stream. 

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we work in a multi-language company, and this is HIGHLY requested feature!

very relevant topic also for me. Please let me know if you found any workarounds

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please look at

and there is a passage:

Videos with more than one (1) audio track such as, two embedded language tracks that you can switch between

and i ask myself why they put this into the docs when there is no support for multiple audio tracks... 


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