Streams need text chat.

Streams need text chat.



 Apr 04 2019
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I'd like to be able interact with the people watching my stream over chat and have that chat playback alongside the video after the event has ended.


yes please!


Why do you need to duplicate that chat functionality again?

For those video's that need chat conversation - you can integrate Stream video Into TEAMS (as a tabbed conversation) where people can chat and discuss about the video. Hope its helpful.



@Sachin Arora This is a decent work around for some cases, thanks for pointing it out. However, Streams is setup to support live streams to entire organizations as well as the groups and channels that you can configure within Streams itself, and on the fly sets of specific users. Having to mirror all of this in Teams to get chat support isn't viable in many cases and definitely not user friendly in those where it is.


Ah Live event in Stream you mean. May be the Yammer feeds integration then :). 

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Zoom records all info that occurs during a meeting: chat, etc. and provides it as part of the recording by default. This is very useful since the chat information is often integral to the conversation.