stream web part on communication site not playing on Mobile Devices

stream web part on communication site not playing on Mobile Devices



 Nov 27 2017
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We were recently testing the Stream web part in the SharePoint communication site through our mobile devices. Unfortunately, we are having difficulties in playing the stream embedded videos.


On an IOS device:

(Using Safari)

the stream video only shows a black square and does not even load up the video even when trying to play either in portrait or landscape orientation. (see screenshot 1)

(Using Chrome)

the stream video shows the thumbnail and the play button(screenshot 2). When we press the play button, it loads and then shows the stream title and another play button which is unplayable unless you press play in landscape mode.


On an Android device:

(Using Chrome)

the stream video shows a play button with the title. Upon clicking play, the video loads and then shows another unplayable button(screenshot 3). The video only plays when you play it on landscape orientation.

(Using Safari)

when you press the play button in safari, the video loads and plays without any issue regardless of screen orientation.


Is anyone experiencing the same issue with the stream web part as well? Is someone familiar with this issue already?


Thank you.


It worked okay for me on Android when the site is viewed in the Chrome browser, but in the SharePoint App, it asked me to "sign in".  I was able to sign in once, but after that, it just shows a blank screen.  Definitely needs more work for the mobile experience.


Same for me. It asks for sign in when using the SharePoint App on iOS. It requires to use Safari or the intune browser to work.


It is not the user experience we expect.

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Same here. I see that you guys had the messages posted couple of months back. This is not yet resolved or have any work around it seems as I face the same issue now in April . I think I will raise a support ticket with Microsoft.

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I've tested a workaround solution on this issue.
On Safari for ios try to disable the cross-site tracking and it works!
This is not the right solution but meanwhile...

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@Marc Mroz Do you have any insight on this? We have a client launching a modern intranet using the Stream web part (which is in preview still). On iOS, the video won't play in the SharePoint App, but plays fine if accessing the same page from Safari.


Same here, Stream video webpart in communication site on iOS device:

- Not working in SharePoint App (asking to sign in)

- Not working in managed browser (show thumbnail but never starts)

- Working in Safari

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@Manuel Lodi - iOS has totally screwed up iFrame embedded features (well there are security reasons why they disabled these by default) and to my end users who are not tech savvy who knows to use iPad with basic/default settings, my web site video integration offers a very poor experience. It looks like embed using iFrame is again turning bad for a web integration (Apple's hatred for iFrames is well know). Now I faced another issue on IE with Adobe Flash player latest version where stream videos didn't play, and then had to use Adobe Flash config changes to trust Azure servers to make it work. Cannot believe latest version of a video stream service like MS Stream still rely on Adobe plugins to play videos on IE. Hope Microsoft fixes this soon.

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3 years later and this is still an issue? 

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