Skip back/forward playback controls (buttons + keyboard shortcut)

Skip back/forward playback controls (buttons + keyboard shortcut)



 Oct 15 2018
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A lot of our longer-duration meetings are posted to MS Stream, and it is difficult to go back 5, 10, or 15 seconds without accidentally going back much further on a video of 30+ minutes. 


Please consider adding 15-second skip back/forward buttons, and if you can do so legally, please consider using the same keyboard shortcuts as YouTube since millions have already internalized those keyboard shortcuts. (J = skip back, K = play/pause, L = skip forward, F = Fullscreen). 




While watching and listening to recorded meetings, we sometimes need to track ahead or back to review content. There are some industry standards we have become used to in other products.

  • Skip ahead / back 10 sec (YouTube, videos played in iOS.)
  • Scrubbing using the timeline and thumbnails of the frame for that point in time (YouTube, videos played in iOS.)

These features would be super useful in the web and mobile app experience. 


Yes, yes, yes!   We absolutely need this feature.  I use Stream a lot on my mobile phone.  It's hard to go back 5 or 10secs.  Sometimes you need to hear something again.


Simple videos played from OneDrive have this capability

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I would like to have the same functionality as in Youtube where you can skip 10 sec forward and backward easily on Mobile and Desktop.

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No one would not vote for this.  Please do it.

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This is so needed now, it's functionality we are all used to (e.g. from podcast apps) and expect. At the moment it's just guess work moving backwards and forwards in recording and very frustrating.


Here's an example of how it works on the BBC player: 


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What app do I use to download videos/movies from chrome or Microsoft edge?