Restrict who can create a Companywide channel

Restrict who can create a Companywide channel



 Jun 22 2017
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In our organization, Stream (like O365 Video) will be a primarily internal facing corproate tool, and that has some level of control around it.  We follow a request then create process rather than self service provisioning model.


Please have it so that admins can designate which users can create channels.


This goes along with implementing an Owner/Contributors/Viewer model as well.  A set of admins could create the channel, then designate Owners to do the more advanced specific channel configurations.

Senior Member seems to indicate that this is already possible, but unless I'm mistaken this is connected to the possibility to create groups.

We would like all of our users (students, employees) to be able to create an Office 365 Group for collaboration purposes, but we do not want all users to be able to create company wide channels.


Also an option to prevent contributors to share their content outside the group they're member of is missing in my opinion.

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Companywide channels != group channels


We want companywide channels (not connected to Groups), that have limitations on them.  We also want companywide channels that do not have sharepoint, and planner, and conversations, and all of the other tools.  All we need are channels for distributing videos.  Period.


For example: A "Safety" channel.  This is for all employees, we would publish carefully curated safety videos.  Only our Safety department should be able to put videos in it.


The Safety Group may already have a Group for doing their internal work, but they dont need to "invite" people into their group to watch videos because those people may not have access to the other Group resources.

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It would be great to have wider admin controls over grouping and assigning permissions for sepcific tasks.


We have employees that we would only want to designate view only access


Employees that can upload videos, but not create channels. We would also want to be able to restrict which channels they can upload into.


We would then have our core contributors that would run their respective channels and uploads.


And the admins that control the permissions, & set up channels by request.



We are a large company with thousands of users and we would like to have a little more control over the content.

We would like to be able to configure who can create company channels. Currently an administrator can only configure through active directory groups who can upload videos and create channels. Can you separate this option into two different ones?



Despite this feature being introduced, the Restrict who can create organization-wide channels in Microsoft Stream guidance isn't clear that it's limited to just individuals and security groups. The setting in the Stream admin center doesn't help either as it states: "Search people and groups".


Please consider adding the ability to restrict organization-wide to channels to members of Office  365 groups.

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Changing status to completed.

Stream has had the ability for a while to restrict who can create companywide channels. You can limit this to specific users or AD security groups.


See the help docs for more info:

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