Microsoft Steam 4k Video Upload and Playback

Microsoft Steam 4k Video Upload and Playback



 Mar 29 2020
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Similar to youtube it would be very valuable to be able to have high quality video upload and playback options via stream. I would say that it is future proofing but the 4k "future" is already here. Use compression and allow users to take advantage of remote viewing at better resolutions.


The more users are taking classes online, working remotely and actively streaming it would be valuable to have a 2k and 4k viewing option that switched based on the endpoint display capabilities. This is already being done by others and hopefully is on the roadmap for Microsoft. I understand that live streaming in 4k may be too much but at least allow the uploading and playback of 4k content. 

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This is important for people doing technical training (e.g.: code-related lessons, command line, etc.) 

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Really need this feature for our use case...

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