Mass Upload and Metadata Mapping for Stream

Mass Upload and Metadata Mapping for Stream



 Aug 03 2017
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I have a client who is looking into using Stream. They have over 1000 videos with a wide selection of metadata. This can include products in the videos, phrases etc. At present there are no means to add metadata columns to a channel. Secondly if the metadata exists, there is no way to mass migrate  the videos and the metadata. Will there be a facility in the future for customising video metadata and mass metadata and video upload?

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Hi Chris, 


Have you made any headway on this query? I am in the same boat at the moment and I would be very interested in finding the same answers to your questions. 

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Same! I need to upload multiple videos and a mass upload would be great!


Our development team is in the early stages of planning API capabilities for Stream to unlock the 3P mass content migration scenario. If you're interested in discussing scenarios and detailed requirements over a call, please direct message me.

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Any advances about this subject? I'm also interested on having a way to upload a big amount of videos.




Hi Oscar, 


Our team is working towards building an API for Stream that will solve for a number of scenarios. Allow me to provide some context around this work.


This project is broken down into three phases geared towards enabling specific functionality. In the first phase, we are unlocking API requirements around upload, specific to government use cases and are committed to delivering this set of capability by summer. Phase 2 of this project covers unlocking video consumption (playback and fetch metadata) and contribution scenarios (upload) to meet Stream and Office Video customer needs. We are driving toward unlocking some portion of Phase 2 deliverable by later this year but don't have a more detailed timeline to share yet. Phase 3 of this project covers remaining work around handling mass video migrations such as setting special video fields eg: uploader, publish date from an elevated-privileged developer role.


If you'd like to talk about this project or discuss requirements in more detail, please direct message me. Thanks.






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I also have a huge library of video clips all with Metadata and it would be great to be able to upload this content and for all the metadata to be pulled through to stream for easy searching

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