Formatted links in video description field

Formatted links in video description field



 Sep 11 2017
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See how in this comment section I'm writing in I can add a link to the text -- like I just did? I want to be able to do this in the description field -- OneDrive sharing links are soooooo long.


See the difference?


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Yes, this needs to happen.

Contextual links are an accessibility feature- I am disappointed that Microsoft overlooked this function in the description field. I train our users to never copy and paste a link ....all links should be posted with a meaningful title. Please add a rich content editor with the ability to add a link to text.

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Yes, allows for rich text editing in the description field would allow for a more user friendly experience.  

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Agree, the ability to use at last some formatting would be great:

  • Bullet Points
  • Bold
  • Hyperlink with titles instead of displaying the full link

are IMHO the minimum.

Also I would like the ability to configure certain videos to show the full description instead of the "more" textfield by default. For some videos I have an agenda in the descriptions that users can select which content they want, however since it's only showing when clicking "more" it's confusing for users.