Embed functionality in OneNote

Embed functionality in OneNote



 Jun 20 2017
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It's currently possible to embed YouTube and Ted.com video's in OneNote pages (watch the clip in OneNote without leaving the page). I presume the "Insert -> Online Video" function works for more sites too.


When inserting an MS Stream link in OneNote, it at first behaves the same way that it would if you were using a link from a supported online service (like YouTube) but then the video can't playback (error message appears from the MS Stream frame: "The video could not be found").


So it 'almost' works - but not quite. Please make this work! I want to be able to use MS online products seamlessly...

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@Rapid_Randolph this is working correctly from my side, so you might have found an issue.  Can you DM me so we can get to the bottom of the issue you are seeing?

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