Deeper Stream Analytics

Deeper Stream Analytics



 Jan 03 2018
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I am a big fan of the security and employee engagement that Stream offers as opposed to O365 Video or Youtube as a hosting platform for internal content.  However, I'm really disappointed with the depth of available analytics and would like to see the following stat points added to the platform:


- average percentage of the video watched, or a graphical breakdown like we had with O365 video

- geographical breakdown of views

- views over time

- playback location (embed vs. native)

- traffic source (where they came from to watch)

- Playback device


Ideally, I'd like to have a dashboard where I could see videos that I have admin access to (not just that I've uploaded) so that I could compare one video to another or see trends over time, that could be filtered by videos I've uploaded, Channels, and teams.


This would be a really valuable tool for us if Microsoft will do more than just dip its toe into video.

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Currently, o365 Video has very basic view statistics.  We would like at least that level of statistics brought to Stream.

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Having better analytics would allow us to adjust our resources to focus on topics of interest.

Stats that we would like to know:


  • Number of unique views
  • Number of viewers watching a video 2, 3, 4.... times
  • Who is following
  • Who is liking
  • Number of shares
  • Viewing trends.
    • What time of day are people watching?
    • What day of the week are people watching?
    • How much of the video are people watching? 10% - 50% - 100%?

I'm sure that there is more that people would want to know, but this is just what i came up with off the top of my head.

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Business needs insight on the effectiveness of enterprise video distribution. For this, they request more in-depth usage/view statistics: time-watched per users, drop-off points, intensity maps, numbers of watches per group, break down per country. 

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Adding to your great comment:


Demographic and geographic stats.

Devices used to watch a video.

Playback location.

Average view duration (but in minutes and seconds).

Total watch time.

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To make Stream more of a viable proposition within an industry with compliance requirements, and to go some way to delivering some of the capabilities that a Learning Management System (LMS) might, Stream should:


  1. Deliver user-centric stats, with the possibility of extending that information into an LMS
  2. Be SCORM-compliant
  3. Offer the flexibility to host content solely within certain jurisdictions under a single O365 tenant
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It would be useful to be able to see who watched a video.  I'm using stream for company training and knowledge sharing, and tracking # of views is not sufficient.  A log of who watched each video would be a great first step.  Details on time spent, # of views and a log of which videos were watched by a user would be very useful.

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Would also love to know how long people are watching the video for and when the start dropping off!

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I like the idea of number of unique views. I also like the number of shares, people following, liking and commenting. Any demographics would be useful, even if not tied to specific individuals. We would also want to see who is watching the videos.

To provide all of this: a connector or an APP in POWER BI :)

Agreed.. we have been looking into how to do this also in our organization and would love this feature added.

below is a short list of items that will help in getting insights on videos

  1. Most views
  2. Highest engagement
  3. Best click through rates
  4. Viewer attention span
  5. Drop off rates
  6. Geographical location
  7. Skip ratio
  8. Repeatedly viewed content
  9. Engagement level/count
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This would be an invaluable tool in tracking corporate compliance of training videos, to be able to see who has watched them and the time spent watching them. eg. If it says 3 seconds you would know the user hasn't watched the entire video etc

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This is my main hurdle currently.  We want to encourage staff to upskill and watch training and learning videos, but have no way of tracking usage.


It would be great for at least admins to have some visibility of who's watched the videos, and who's following channels.


Further detail of time spent, and wider usage analytics would be amazing, and allow organisations to track and trend uptake, enrollment and usage.


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From many organisations perspectives, having data tied to individual users would help from a performance management persepctive.


Knowing what they're watching, and whether they've completed the video would help in areas where the videos are used for educational, learning, training & development purposes.


I agree that feeding this data back into Power BI would be a great feature.

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Please only implement if we have the ability to turn it off as well. This will lead to huge privacy issues in Europe.


@Roland Carrillo wrote:

It would be useful to be able to see who watched a video.  I'm using stream for company training and knowledge sharing, and tracking # of views is not sufficient.  A log of who watched each video would be a great first step.  Details on time spent, # of views and a log of which videos were watched by a user would be very useful.


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Request for tracking completed viewing per user. Context: Compliance training videos.


Agreed, we need to see who has watched compliance training videos. This would be extremely useful.

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I agree - Would like to see improved metrics based off per user or per channel.

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This would simplify tracking mandatory training.


As a small/mid sized business this would make Stream an easy sell for my own company and most of our peers.

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Ditto everyone else here. 


We are finding Streams potentially very useful for brief training videos for our mobile workforce. But I know 100% that our senior management is going to want to know if the videos are having an effect, to justify the investment of time and effort. Only real way to do that is track who is using the content.


This and the ability to upload new versions of a video - two big items for us. 

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I too agree with adding the analytics to Stream, otherwise it doesn't have the appeal to our company. For smaller companies, that can't afford CMS platforms, OfficeMix provided a way to conduct required employee training with a enough analytics to comply with audits. Without adding the analytics to stream, we are back to using adobe and tracking training outside of SharePoint/Office 365. You would think with all the software capabilities within the Office 365 & SharePoint environment, this would be a no brainer and a easy fix for the top minds at Microsoft. I've searched the Internet for other solutions using SharePoint, SharePoint Designer, Flow, PowerApps, etc. to find a way to rollout employee training/with embeded quizzes that would provide the analytics.  OfficeMix got us to about 80% but with Stream, we taken steps backwards to about 20%. This causes a huge gap with our audits. I'm hoping this will be added before the end of year, so I don't become bald in the process. lol

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We have a number of staff who use Office Mix and love the analytics for flipped learning. With the move to stream, when will analytics be included please?

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 This capability already existed in Office Mix, which is being deprecated and moved to Stream.  Where can we see the Stream Roadmap? Is there a timeline for when these capabilities to be added?


Please, Please, Please.  

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I understand from another tread that this is a fairly low priority for development and faces some privacy issues in regard to implementation. However, as IT support for the organization I represent, the success of the product and the likelihood that we will invest the time needed to get an EU to engage in it is directly correlated to our ability to track specific views. We need to know that certain individuals completed individual training videos. Without that functionality, there's little advantage to using this over YouTube with adjusted privacy settings (aside from the ability to access our 365 groups - but even that can be supplemented by mass email). To make the time and energy of migrating over our existing YouTube database of videos worthwhile, you really need to find a way to add this capability.

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Please add tracking (For the Enterprise O365 user -- Single-Sign-On info, date viewed).  I have videos I put on Stream for our organization, but need better tracking.  The ease of sharing the link is great; certainly better than our Learning Management System.  Our requirements are the same reasons already listed in previous posts/responses (e.g., compliance).  Access to this info will allow us to make fiscal decisions we continue purchasing/using the videos. 


Agreed with all of the above, but see @Joost Koopmans' comment about privacy/EU concerns/option in related thread. See also my comment on same thread about making it more granular.


Also, [reposting from same thread for any moderators watching], there are (at least) 3 threads right now (including this one) with this same basic intent:

The first 2 are essentially identical, while the third is more broad but still covers this (particularly in the comments).


As of right now, the combined votes is 164. Is there anyone who can merge/connect these (and any others that might be relevant) to better show the interest/votes?

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As a faculty member who teaches online education regularly for University of Detroit Mercy, I was forced to move all of my Office Mix sessions to Stream - this meant that the ability to embed quizzes and such then import them to Blackboard with grading, and the ability to see who viewed the lectures, how much time they spent per slide, etc. was removed.  


In Office Mix, you can still create questions however, I cannot deploy it because the Office Mix cloud will no long store the content and capture the metric after May.  This makes no sense to me because why would I create quizzes then not be able to deploy them in a fashion that the learner is a controlled setting (i.e. not being able to download the ppt file and get the question answers -- yes, they cheat!).


I have tried Adobe Captivate, the grade SCORM import to Blackboard produced incorrect grades  on the quizzes which were displayed to the students - it was correct on the backend though so I had to manually update the grades.   I am now trialing Camtasia.  I'm told that the only metrics you get are a total time spent and the total quiz score - not individual scores per question.  But it may be better than nothing.


While I learn yet another product, I am now at Stream with MS Forms for the quizzes seem to be good because I can force a login therefore capturing the responses and the times.  There is no integration to the Stream Video though.  


Stream is a problem for me in its current state.  I need to be able to validate viewing in the event that there is a grade dispute, which does happen.  I also need to be able to certify the last date of attendance for FERPA, Federal Financial Aid, Scholarships, Military, Athletics, etc.  In an online class, this is the last date the student has interacted with the content, not simply logging on. 


@microsoft Are there any plans to bring back the MS Mix environment or to capture the viewing metrics per user in Stream?  

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I agree with Rita Barrios - This is a MUST HAVE in education. Also could be invaluable to HR depts. for PD training.

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Agreed, we can't launch Stream as it stands. There seems a lack of any reporting and no integration with SharePoint search, which is key for us with a SharePoint intranet.


At the moment there's no benefit to moving to Stream compared to storing videos in a SP library, which gives better stats and returns items in a search.