Channel Links from Stream to OneDrive Video data - Classic Stream

Channel Links from Stream to OneDrive Video data - Classic Stream



 Mar 12 2021
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We have switched standard teams call recordings to Onedrive from Classic Stream in advance of the New Stream rollout over the coming year.

A problem we are hearing is that some of our users are now finding content management very cumbersome. With the Classic Stream shared Storage platform and channels some of our R&D and Marketing teams liked the ability to tag their "teams recordings" within channels which gave them the ability to share content easily.

With the new approach of Storage being on an individual user basis and recordings now being held in different "OneDrive" folders -dependant on the user whom organised and initiated the recording -our teams are struggling with content being in multiple places and the additional time that is required to manage that content and share with specific teams and individuals.

We have offered solutions like users uploading content into their Stream channel but in the current working from home scenarios - due to the pandemic - users often find that video content can take a significant time to upload to shared Stream Channels due to fluctuating broadband upload speeds. Home based working is therefore causing even more impact to our users.

Whereas previously users just had to tag their videos to Stream channels they now have either the option of a timely upload to Stream or sending share links for Onedrive for the given content.

As different users are recording the meetings and multiple onedrives now form the data pool for team video content management is now a chore.


Would it be possible for Classic Stream (pre Stream V2) to have the option to have onedrive pointers/links added into channels - or other mechanisms - so that the OneDrive content can be surfaced from the one centralised Streams Channel as was the case with the centralised storage model? Team members OneDrive Recordings Folders could have links added into one or more channels


I understand that going forward these maybe some of the options in Stream V2 as Stream serves as a layer to the underlying 365 applications and content.

In the interim though we are in situation where our users have now lost functionality as a result of the platform changes and the data migration that is required.

Several of our users have advised they now have the additional burden of several hours of content admin to perform their roles and R&D and marketing are losing Insights and valuable information as data is now difficult to centralise and be shared so easily with multiple stakeholders/consumers.


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@bondy1969, thank you for the in-depth feedback and context. We won't be changing how channels in classic Stream work, but a couple of options come to mind for how your users might be able to accomplish the goal of having new Teams meeting recordings easily shared in one place using the new version of Stream. 


You made reference to groups, such as R&D and marketing. Using R&D as an example, do those team members already belong to an R&D team in Microsoft Teams, or are they part of an R&D Office 365 group that, by definition, should have a dedicated SharePoint site? If so, here are the the options I'm thinking of...

  1. For members of a Teams team, could the meetings be set up as Teams channel meetings? If so, the recordings of those meetings would automatically save into the [Team] / [Channel Name} / Recordings folder for all team members to see. Chat for the call would be the channel chat, and a notification & link about the recording would automatically appear in the channel chat after each call ended. Since all recordings would land in one folder, it would also be pretty easy to add a tab in the channel (e.g., labeled Recordings) that showed the video files saved in the Recordings folder of that channel, similar to how one can put Stream channel tabs in Teams today.
  2. If your users are not using Teams as a team collaboration spot yet, are they using (or might they use) SharePoint as another destination for finding content? If so, users could go into their online OneDrive > My Files > Recordings folder , select a video recording, and use the Move to function to transfer the video directly to the SharePoint site and folder of their choice, e.g., Marketing > Recordings. No download or upload would be required.

If I've understood the situation correctly, I hope one of these ideas is helpful. Please feel free to reply with clarifications, follow-up questions, or comments.

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@ChrisKnowlton - Thanks for the feedback and Teams based solution that should help our R&D users. I support Stream but was not aware of that Teams option which is certainly worth looking at. Thanks for taking the time to detail the option and for replying which is greatly appreciated.

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@ChrisKnowlton , in our org, Teams often have membership far broader than the actual team members, in order to grant other stakeholders access to information shared there.  For example, an Architecture or Development team needs their assets to be visible with other stakeholders, such as product management, tech support, or marketing. As a result, we do not tend to use Channel meetings, as that opens the meeting up to a far larger group than just the team.  Yet, we want to be able to make recordings available to that larger group.


Another big advantage to the Stream channels is that you can publish a single recording in multiple channels, but the source file remains a single file.  That does not seem possible with the Sharepoint model.


Any advice on how to work around this? 

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