Attach files to a video

Attach files to a video



 Jun 20 2017
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Abilty to attach files (ppt, doc, png, jpeg, etc) to videos.  Use case would be a user uploads a video of a training session that incorporates a power point, and is also able to upload the power point file so that a download link is displayed with the info for that video.

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You can include links in the Description field. While not as nicely laid out as resources on a Channel 9 page (e.g. for an Ignite session), it's an alternative that works today. 

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I have a similar requirement to link a set pf resources to a particular video but insted of uploading files with the video, I  would like the ability to present an interactive link to the sharepoint resource library where they are stored at the end of the video. This could be achieved by adding a rich-text 'call to action' message at the end of the video e.g. See related resources at <URL>

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Any feedback from Microsoft on this?

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Waiting for this feature for a long time. Since no response from Microsoft, is there any third party software that can do the same.

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I posted the same idea as a new thread.

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I am surprised that after 3 years, this is still something not included.  Would be ideal to have some sort of clean way of sharing resources related to the video.  PPT Presentations, Code Samples, Additional Resources for extending the learning provided in the video.


While adding links in the description works.  Why not allow for a dedicated "Resources" spot? It could just be another tab next to Transcript and Interactivity.  Please provide a simple way of adding resources. I don't even care if it doesn't house the files within Stream.  My preference would be to link to files within a SharePoint site anyways.

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Fully agree. One of the most useful missing features for uploading training content on Stream...

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