Allow download of videos for non-owners

Allow download of videos for non-owners



 Jun 20 2017
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It would be great if we can not only stream / embed or share a movie but also download a movie for offline use, even if you aren't the owner of the video and you aren't using a mobile app.

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I know this is an old thread, but if you log in as tenant admin, then click Discover you will see all content. Then you can click the ellipsis on the right side of the screen and choose download.

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I for one would not be happy to make all the staff working for my company tenant admins - just saying :)


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Hi @NathanWork  and @AndyGadget 


You are both right. 

But if you look at this thread Microsoft are moving where the videos are stored so they can be shared using the current "Share" button functionality which is great.

In the interim @NathanWork  if you make a user an Owner of a video they get the download button. This may or may not work for your situation/scale but as @AndyGadget points out it is better than making everyone Tenant admins :)


Desperately need the download option in support of workflow.  "Sharing" is great, but assumes the video is a final product.  Need the ability to specify another user, other than the original Owner, to allow them to download a video for editing, etc.  We work as teams, not individuals.  In the absence of more sophisticated repo management around content in Streams, we need the basic download capability as requested here.


The ability to Download a Stream recording as an mp4 file should be accessible so that we can share recordings with customers in the event we need coverage across the v-team

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@jeffmahnke  and @krmarcus 

If you're not aware Microsoft are moving the focus of Stream to video display and editing, with the actual files being held in SharePoint in the future. 

For the files you need to share while working on them you could put them into SharePoint (or the SharePoint libraries behind Teams) right now. Then use the standard M365 sharing feature for the folder or library or team the files are put into.

The MP4 download. All my videos download from Stream as MP4. I couldn't find any Power Automate flow information about getting STREAM videos downloaded or converted using Power Automate. 

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Grrr - as content owners, there should be an additional column under permissions which will allow us to assign who can download. As it stands, when we generate product demo recordings in Teams that we want to share with Marketing to add to our customer portal, we have to allow them full permissions as "owner" in Stream for a particular video. I have a channel called "Demos" I need to share with 15 people in Marketing with 36 videos. I have to edit 36 videos and add 15 names as owners (because I don't know who in Marketing will be downloading which file). MS needs to make Stream "enterprise" class.

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@netcerebral you are right that is a pain. You can create an Outlook Group or a Microsoft Team, and share with that group, making the group an owner.


One of my catchphrases when I train on using Stream is "A team in Teams is a group in Stream". 

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Would be great if a video could be tagged so it can be downloaded by non-owners.

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When Stream videos are shared with the organization, they must be viewed on Stream. They can only be downloaded by the person who uploaded them. This is very inconvenient to always have to email or text the person to get access to the video download. (There are many reasons why you might need the source file, such as external sharing etc). Can you please add a "Request to Download" option in the 3-dots menu below the video? This will send the request to the owner who can easily approve or deny the request.

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Is there any view on the timeline when this feature will be available to the public ?

This is a much wanted feature and doesn't seem like very big change to implement.


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After finding this thread I can't believe this is still an issue in 2021! Very disappointing to see that there hasn't been a proper response from Microsoft in over 4 years, unless I'm missing something??

I've just started at a college which uses Microsoft Teams as our centre for communication and online learning. My tutors have started uploading recordings of in-person lectures for students to reinforce our learning at home. As someone with learning disabilities it's especially important for me to be able to download these recordings to my PC so I don't have to worry about them being removed at a later date. I may need to refer back to highly technical lectures throughout my 2 year course (I have issues with memory and comprehension etc) and by not providing an option for non-owners/students to download videos from Teams/Stream, Microsoft is basically adding to the stress I'm under.

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Microsoft are changing things. All videos will eventually be saved into Teams and or OneDrive, which will allow download control to be given to the person uploading the video and or the IT team.


For the videos you're using now. Get the STREAM app on your smart phone. Go to one of your lecture videos using the STREAM app on your phone. In some cases the website won't let you download the video, but the phone app will. Once the file is on your phone you can copy it to OneDrive or any other online storage system.


Also have a talk to the IT team at the university, your needs may help them make the case to move form STREAM to storing the videos in another location (TEAMS / OneDrive / SharePoint) sooner :)

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@Dorje McKinnon Thanks for the info, I can now watch the videos offline on the Streams app but I don't see an option to add them to OneDrive? They seem to only have been downloaded within the Stream app not to my files on my phone.

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Definitely requested! Any updates to the roadmap since this is from 2017?

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The road map as I understand it is for all the video files to move to OneDrive and SharePoint, so that they can be shared / downloaded etc just like any other file. And that STREAM becomes an aggregation portal of some kind.

In my environment as an Admin I'll have to move all the video files to a video library on our SharePoint intranet from STREAM (as almost all our videos are visible to all staff). The few that are for specific groups will need to be downloaded by their owners to TEAMS SharePoint sites that have the same audience or downloaded then shared to the right audience.



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@mars_fauna  - I don't know if there is anyway to get them to your OneDrive from the STREAM app on your phone. You could ask the College lecturer to share them to you from their own OneDrive (they are likely to have a copy in their own OneDrive) or a TEAMS SharePoint space you are both members of. Or Ask the IT team at your College if they have another option. You could send them this URL to help them understand too.