Admin access to videos

Admin access to videos



 Jun 29 2019
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Currently no Stream oder even Tenant admin is able to see a video which is not shared with anybody. Legally this is between unbearable and catastrophic because it allows users to upload illegal material without a chance for admins to supervise.
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Additionally given the size limitations, how is an Admin supposed to clean up or notify users to do the same without seeing which videos have been uploaded.

Also similar request already here

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I'm honestly surprised that this is not available yet. Admin must see everything to be able to keep the place clean. Thank you for considering this. 

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Marking this idea as completed.

Stream admins could always elevate themselves and take action on a video that someone sent them a link to. However now as of March 2020 we enhanced Stream admin mode to cover the case where you can search across all of Stream for private content as an admin.


See this help doc for more info:

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Status changed to: Completed