Add users who can edit company-wide channels on Stream

Add users who can edit company-wide channels on Stream



 Aug 16 2020
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Stream の全社的なチャンネルを編集できるユーザーを追加したい

Add users who can edit company-wide channels on Stream


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Stream で全社的なチャンネルを作成した場合、チャンネル名やカスタム チャンネル画像を変更できるユーザーを増やせるようにしてほしいです。

現状ではチャンネルの作成者と Stream の管理者でしかチャンネルを編集できず、ユーザーが退職したあとなど引き継ぐユーザーに対して権限を委譲出来ないのが不便です。

If you have created a company-wide channel on Stream, please make it possible to increase the number of users who can change the channel name and customer channel image.

Currently only the channel creator and Stream admins can edit these channels, and it is inconvenient to have to reorganize user permissions to maintain our operations when users leave the organization.

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Agree. We don't need to lock our channels down to private channels and encourage everyone in the org just to use companywide channels but currently this feature means that only one person can own a companywide channel. It would be great to be able to add co-owners so you can restrict who can upload but everyone can access it. 

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Status changed to: Not at this time

Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to make changes to ownership of organization-wide channels in Stream (Classic). However, in New Stream, the concept of channels will change, and permissioning will align with the standard SharePoint and OneDrive permissioning model, which should simplify administration.