Add a in video Quiz / Edit and create Videos

Add a in video Quiz / Edit and create Videos



 Oct 15 2018
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This year is our first with the Office 365 Solutions in our school, during this time, I have heard about office Mix and it´s Goodness then I heard that mix and  365 video was migrating to stream, But when I see Stream, I just see a site like youtube, and not a tipical office program that allows to be more productive or  help learning so i propose that It should have like in video quiz that has coursera if this change is for education  or editing and creating videos ( for example like PowToon  if this change is for Education)  if this change is for  business

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"Thank you all for your input! As a result of feedback like this, we implemented the ability to add Microsoft Forms to a video to add interactive quizzes a while back. We hope this meets your needs for Stream (Classic). In New Stream, this functionality is already provided by Microsoft Forms. Please keep the feedback coming!"
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