About Microsoft Stream bitrates

About Microsoft Stream bitrates



 Jan 19 2021
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Microsoft Stream について

About Microsoft Stream bitrates



現在、Microsoft Stream のビデオ閲覧時のメディア ビットレートは、動画を再生するユーザーの環境に応じてパフォーマンスが自動調整されますが、ネットワークへの負荷を考慮し展開が必要となります。

サービス展開をよりスムーズにするためにも、Microsoft Stream にアップロードする動画の画質を制御する機能や、閲覧時のメディア ビットレートを静的に制御する機能の拡充を希望いたします。


Currently, the media bitrate when viewing videos on Stream is automatically set based on the performance of the user’s environment from which they are watching, but in order to regulate network load this needs further development.

In order to smoothly deploy this service, please allow us to restrict the quality of videos uploaded to Stream or to restrict the media bitrate used when watching videos.

Status changed to: Under review

@O365_Japan_Support, thank you for this suggestion. We won't be adding this functionality in classic Stream, but the same request could be made for the new version of Stream. I've added the New Stream label to this idea so it can be considered for the future.


In the meantime, some customers have found that their Internet gateways or other network traffic-shaping hardware have streaming awareness and can be set to only allow client requests for video streams below an admin-selected maximum bit rate. Might this be a viable option?