Ability to Annotate Videos

Ability to Annotate Videos



 Jun 20 2017
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In addition to comments on the overall video, it'd be great for collaboration if viewers could add comments at certain timecodes (or even on certain locations on the image).

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This would be really useful,


Having the ability to embed links to sources, web pages, share documents, or to Microsoft Forms, to complete post video quiz's.


We can currently add these into the description, but embedding them into the video at key timecodes would allow us to know whos watched the video by tracking link clicks, form competions etc.

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Agree wholeheartedly with these comments. We have a nursing & trades department who want to have their students upload videos and to have their Instructors evaluate them in a private forum. The ability to annotate at a particular timecode and/or comment in general is a critical element to this. We will likely have to acquiesce to their demand to allow them to subscribe to a startup solution which will cost our small Community College $15/student/year! 


Having this ability is crucial to making Stream the "go-to" streaming application for K-12 and Post-Secondary. 

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I agree with this capability, and I would further add that it would be helpful if the video's owner could restrict this. For our use, it would be important in some instances that the owner be the only person to add/edit/remove time-coded annotations or notes.

Additionally, it would be very important to us that the notes and annotations be factored into the search index of Stream, and that when loading a result, the video be started automatically at the attached time code.

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This is much needed! Please, it's the last bit we need at our company to make Stream an unbeatable learning tool.

Agree with all of the comments above. Basically, we want YouTube's card/annotation feature. 


MS Stream already has polls/quizzes on the side (in place of closed caption/transcripts), so it could be there, but I think it would be a true delighter if "cards" can be placed on top of the video, which is what people will be watching on the web UI and on the mobile UI. And it's perfectly fine if only the owners have the ability to edit cards, but all viewers should be able to tap/click on a card and take the intended action.

Having a card would complete the information round tripping. We already have timecode links into a specific spot in a video, but it would complete the scenario if we can add a link from a specific time in a video to another M365 resource (document, email, any URL, or another video on MSStream). 



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Any sign of this coming?


I had a Teams meeting where I recorded an instructional video.  Now I'm having to edit it in a third party video editor to include annotations where I made mistakes or wasn't clear.

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VideoAnt offers an excellent solution for shared annotation of YouTube videos. I've used if for about 6 years and it works for a range of activities, from discussing language or content to listening comprehension. 

With Microsoft's resources, video annotation could finally become mainstream. 

Looking forward to trying it!

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