A channel meeting recording should be saved to the associated Stream channel, when it exists.

A channel meeting recording should be saved to the associated Stream channel, when it exists.



 Feb 22 2019
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A channel meeting recording should be saved to the group's channel in Stream, if it exists. If there is no channel with the same name, then save to the group. It seems reasonable to assume that users who have created channels in Stream that mirror their team channels would want this behavior.

Workaround: Edit permissions to make this change manually (ouch).


We have a weekly, company wide, educational meeting hosting by a specific team within the company.  I would like all recordings from that meeting to automatically be placed within a specific Stream channel.  Is this possible?

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Same here :)


We have a weekly (Teams) meeting hosted by a specific team. The Stream channel is already created and associated with this Team but we would like all recordings from that meeting to automatically be placed within this (linked) channel Stream channel.


Thank you ;)

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Same here ;) we have a daily meeting, so everyday I have to go add my video to the specific Stream Channel...

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Same here, we are just manually tagging the videos after the fact. Seems unnecessary and repetitive at the moment.

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Same here, I have a weekly recording that needs to be published on a stream channel and then made available on a teams tab. Currently doing manually


I am facing a similar challenge/need on my end.

The end vision I am shooting for is:

1) An MS Team (or specific members of a (MS Teams) Channel within a Team host a conference call that is recorded

2) That recording gets saved to the Streams Group associated with that Teams Channel

3) The recordings in that Stream Group automatically get added to the Stream Channel associated with that Group 

4) You create a Stream Tab in the MS Teams Channel (top bar) and those videos now auto-populate and show up in that tab (so MS Team/Channel members have easy/direct access to the library of videos and recordings relevant to the MS Teams Channel (without having to open browser, navigate to Stream and find the Group/channel))


The issue is that step 3 above has to be done manually now (add the video in the Group to the associated Stream Channel).  It would be awesome if that happened automatically.  Right now, if I know a Team made a recording in a Teams Channel, I can go find it in Stream and add it to the Stream Channel so it shows up in the Tab in MS Teams, but that's a pain and I may not know the recording ever took place.  It would be great if MS could automate this last link in the circle.  (BTW, I just discussed this with a MS tech and they are aware oft he issue and agree it would be great functionality to add, so if we keep mentioning it here, maybe it gets added to a future release)

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Likewise in our organisation, it would be great functionality to post this automatically.


I am a Microsoft Teams for Education user. It would be really helpful to add all the class recordings automatically in the same channel in Microsoft Stream for the sake of students. Manually adding recordings is difficult and time consuming for the Teachers. I can then add the stream tab in Teams

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Agreed!  With many educational institutions moving to some form of virtual learning during this pandemic, it would be awesome if all meeting recordings from a specific Team could upload to a specific channel in Stream.  This would greatly reduce the workload and anxiety of our teachers during this unique time in our history.


I agree this feature is valuable. In classroom setting, teacher records meetings be it for Flip or HBI or whatever purpose. Students need ability to view list of videos, sort, search etc. without mulling through the Team channel's posts. I think 1) all Team channel videos should upload to a predesignated Stream Channel associated with the Team's Group in Stream and 2) have an easy, if not automatic, creation of a Tab in the Team Channel to display the videos.


Another approach would be the ability to add a Tab in Team Channel that points to the associated Group or Group's Videos in Stream since the videos are already uploaded there. 


PLEASE, PLEASE fix this.  I use TEAMS for 5 classes and I have to MANUALLY add the recorded classes to each channel.  I have even added the STREAM app thinking this would make it work better, but no...it doesn't.  It is nice that you can connect the Stream channel into TEAMS, but please make the videos connect automatically. Teachers are begging you to do this!!!

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Please add this function.  I teach seven different classes.  Everyday I have to go into Stream and manually add each video to the appropriate Stream channel.

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I have the same problem.  I have to wait for the stream to finish uploading before I can manually add my class recordings to a channel in Stream.  My students love being able to go back and watch the videos, and I love that they can do that.  I have a whole little webpage set up for them to access all their materials using stream and sharepoint, but it takes so many button clicks to go into stream for each video every day and add it to a channel, find the channel in the permissions editor, and then save the changes.  It could be streamlined.  

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@Roy_F, thanks for this feedback. One of our reasons for moving from classic Stream to a new version of Stream based on OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online (ODSP) is to remove the confusion between Stream channels and Teams channels, since they are technically unrelated. All Teams meeting recordings will be auto-saved to ODSP starting by July 2021. If you're still seeing your meeting recordings auto-save to Stream, you can proactively opt in to storing them in ODSP today. (As a bonus, recordings are typically available in ODSP much faster than they are in Stream.) When your channel meeting recordings auto-save to ODSP, your Teams channel meeting recordings will be stored in [Teams team name] > [channel name] >  Files > Recordings. To make those recordings even easier to access, you could add a new channel tab that shows the content in the Recordings folder, very similar to the existing Stream channel tab functionality in Teams.


Does this help at all? Please feel free to reply with your clarifications, comments, and questions. 


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Need this functionality please!