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Hi all


I have had a look at the configuration and permissions on Streams but can't seem to be able to setup a group where by there is 1 lecturer (owner) and x amount of students (sounds simple so far.....but).

The x amount of students want to be able to upload a video for the lecturer but not have the other students see the video.

The group is pretty much a way for students to submit coursework to the lecturer.

Does anyone know if something like this is possible?






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@Rich Jameson The only way you could do this today in Stream is if the student submitting the video to the lecturer did it as a single video outside of a group.


The student would

  • upload the video
  • go to the permissions tab
  • uncheck the box making the video not available to everyone
  • Switch the permissions drop down to say "people" and search for the lecturer
  • Either make the lecturer just a viewer by adding them or check the box to make them an owner of the video too
  • Publish the video
  • Send the lecturer an email / message with the link to the video

With the above flow the video will only be viewable by the student and the lecturer. However the video will be stand alone, the only way the lecturer would find it is if they found it via search, looked up the student, or clicked the link. There wouldn't be any group aggregating the videos from the class together.


I think this idea in the ideas forum covers what you are wanting... you can add your comments and votes to it: