User data stored or processed in Stream?

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Dear Stream team and @Vishal Sood, we have a question from our Data Protection Officer refgarding user data processing in Stream. Would you be so kind to provide answers? Many thanks!!


Key question: does Stream store details of the User Entity (Azure AD user account details)?


More details below: 

Ø  Does Stream store user's default attributes or Personally identifiable information within the Stream application?

Ø  Does Stream consume/store/reference/processes data from User Entity within the Stream application?


Example :

o   User Name –

  • Display Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name

o   Email Address

o   employeeId

o   Department

o   Postcode

o   Any other properties??


Ø  Any other Attributes from Exchange online, SharePoint Online, InTune etc stored/lynced within the Stream application?


Many thanks!

Joris Kok

Product Owner Global Intranet

ING Bank

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@Joris Kok - thanks for reaching out. The two main resources that your Data Protection Officer could look at for detailed answers are

Please let us know if these don't provide answers to your question. Happy to help further and if needed we can pull in our privacy experts.