Unable to import videos into Jive Software

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We use Jive as our main collaboration tool. It allows us to import videos from YouTube or Vimeo just by using the URL. We can also upload video files. We record a lot of meetings and demos over Skype for Business and upload them to Jive. But we will be moving to Teams in due course and their recordings are done in Stream. Having to download and upload is not a great user experience.


However, Stream doesn't work for importing of videos via a URL (Jive Error: We couldn’t find a video matching the URL you provided.).


But I can embed the Stream video on an HTML tile in Jive and it works fine. I know Azure is working in the background for permissions but what is the difference between the the import URL and the embed?

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To me adding a URL or the embed code are just the same...the difference is that Microsoft Teams is just prepared to ingest a YouTube URL or a Vime one, but no other ones so for those you need the embed code...in both cases, Azure does not do anything behind the scenes,,,Teams is just consuming a URL / embed code and just render it in the Teams UI