Unable to edit transcript

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I've run into an issue where I can't seem the edit the auto-generated transcript on a recent upload. I've checked other videos to see if I can edit their transcripts, but can't with these ones either.


It allows me to re-write the captions, but won't allow me to replay or tick the caption. When I go to the next caption, it doesn't save what I edited and reverts back to the auto-generation.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Hi @SamPayne 


A few quick questions -


1.) Are you the owner of the video? (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/portal-edit-transcripts)


2.) Have you tried downloading the captions file, amending it, and then re-uploading it per this article: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Edit-the-transcript-of-a-meeting-recording-in-Teams-2f46138...


Let me know how it goes!


Best, Chris

We are also experiencing this issue. Seems to only just have happened as I was able to edit the transcript last week.

Same issue here, was working fine for me a couple of weeks ago.

This just started for me as well. Hoping someone has a solution :)

Green check is not clickable for me right now. Looks like a BUG.


Thank you for logging this issue with saving MS Stream video transcript changes... its driving me nuts.

I'm seeing the same issue, @SamPayne 

I have the same issue via Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

When you hover over the green checkmark, the cursor changes to the red 'not' symbol.

Hi, @SamPayne 

You may want to use this other option instead to modify Caption files. I would suggest renaming the auto-generated file and creating a backup of the modified .vtt file.






Just an update...

Even though the cursor shows the 'not' symbol, it appears if I click 2-3 times, it will accept the changes I've made in the transcript line.

As Workaround you can click on the right out of the transcript edit box and it will validates your edit.