Trying to get German transcript?

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I tried to upload a meeting that was recorded. The language is german so when I uploaded the mp4 file, I chose german and chose to create a transcript. I'm hoping I can then download the transcript and run it through translator and translate it to English. I would have hoped that I would be offered to auto-translate it into another language but that feature doesn't seem to be there yet


The problem is that after processing, there is no transcript available? Has German been released yet? Why ask for the language and offer German if it doesn't work? 




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Hi @boflynn,

Currently, only English and Spanish are available for auto-generated captions

With other languages currently, you actually have to upload a custom caption file. I imagine that auto-transcript will be available for other languages in the future.

Hope this answers your question!

Best, Chris
Cool thanks - I just thought it would have rolled out by now :(



In German language, need to manage something like this reasonably and might have the option to assist you with figuring out the organization. 

Currently under development per roadmap here

- Generate transcript on demand for a video in other languages besides English
- Upload subtitles for alternate languages

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris
Hi Chris, the linked page is not accessible any more. I'm researching, because german transcripts are more than funny - mostly an obscene compilation of arbitrary words which would probably trigger NSA surveillance if exposed to the outside. Since I'm working in an international environment, some meetings even mix languages (english, german, italian), adding additional complexity. The big question is: after being able to transcribe other languages will the transcription service also be able to autodetect the language spoken?
Both Stream (Classic) and Stream (on SharePoint) need you to say what language is being spoken in the video before we can transcribe it. We are working on using some of the Azure tech to auto detect the language but it’s not going to work as far as I’ve seen with multiple languages spoken in the video. I think the best we’ll likely get to eventually is detecting the first spoken language or the one spoken most. We are still investigating how to leverage this tech, improve it, and incorporate it into transcription for videos in onedrive and SharePoint. This won’t be applied to Stream (Classic) as we are gearing toward the retirement announcement later this year or early next.

@Marc Mroz Hi Marc, thanks for your prompt and substantial reply. The situation (multiple languages spoken during a meeting) described is actually very common in our situation and probably at Microsoft as well. I reviewed some other transcripts with English only and they are pretty good to understand. But in the end using language autodetection would improve results considerably when it comes to languages other than English. Kind regards, Manfred

Hello - I am with the product team and wanted to clarify that for Teams meeting recordings, Teams can support mixed languages in a single meeting today. For now this requires a participant in the meeting to manually change the language in the live transcript when the conversation drifts lets say from English to German. Teams is working to improve the experience so these language settings become more visible, and for now they are in a drill down menu. Longer term, we are looking at ways to automatically detect if the language spoken in a meeting has changed.

For regular videos that are uploaded to stream (not teams meeting recordings), today you can generate a transcript by specifying which of 28 lang/locales the video is in.  For this regular video scenario, we do not have plans to support a split language where the first half is English and the second German and if that's interesting for your company please share more detail around that scenario so we can understand better?  A work around could be editing the part of the transcript where the conversation switches languages to correct that part, which we hope you can accomplish more easily with the editing UX that reached all GA users this week!

For regular videos, we are looking at future ways to automatically determine the language of the video, and a feature to translate an existing video transcript from one language to another within the same UX. 

@garrettbronner a bit late reply to this conversation, but when you say "For regular videos that are uploaded to stream (not teams meeting recordings), today you can generate a transcript by specifying which of 28 lang/locales the video is in" is this also possible to do after the meeting has ended?

i am currently in the stream portal with the video but it has been set to be transcribed to English (while the meeting was in Dutch) meaning the text is jibberish. I cannot find anywhere how to do the transcript again in Dutch. is it not possible to do this transcription after the meeting? Seems an unnecessary stress to have to think about setting the language everytime when you press record when there's zero recourse after the meeting in case you forgot...

Hello nvraemdonck if the meeting recording was in Dutch but accidentally transcribed in english, you can delete the english transcript on stream (in video settings) and then generate a new one in Dutch. You would need edit permissions to change the video and/or transcript. More info here -


Thank you very much! that worked!!