Stream Not Respecting Restrict Video Uploads and Channel Creation Permissions

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We are currently testing Microsoft Stream at our company and we have restricted who can upload videos and create channels. Something happened over the past couple of weeks because now everyone in our company can perform these actions even though the creation is still restricted to a limited number of people.


Has anything changed to Stream that it now does not respect the video upload and channel creation permissions? 

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I'd like to hear the answer to this as well.  I'm having the same problem when I embed in Internet Explorer or MS Edge.

I'm not aware of any change happened recently in Stream, so everything should work as it was...adding here @Marc Mroz . I also recommend you to open a support ticket

The way we were able to resolve it was by making an update to the Restrict video uploads and channel creation users and saving the change. We added an additional person, but I think any change would have resolved the problem when it was saved. Still concerning not knowing the cause of the original problem.

Same behavior and solution for us : we had to reset the "upload restriction policy" switch in order to get bak to our initial set up

If it helps to indentify and solve this issue : this appeared in December, around the time the admin section was revamped.

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Sorry for my delay in answering recent posts here in the forums.


We discovered that a recent update to Stream caused a problem that the restricting of uploaders and channel creators wasn't being respected anymore. If you made a change to that setting and saved again it would function correctly. 


As soon as we discovered the issue we applied an emergency hotfix to put it back to working correctly again without needing to change the setting. 


We apologize for our mistake and bug we introduced. 


Please continuing to report any issues you find with Stream like this on the forums and via submitting support requests, so we can address and fix any issues as soon as possible.

Thanks @Marc Mroz. The impact to us was minimal, but good to know what happened.

Thanks for the clarification Marc!