Stream - Managing Deleted User: What is a "general bucket"?

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As per this: 


"Once the user name of a deleted user is removed from Microsoft Stream, any videos/channels/comments created by that user are moved to a “general bucket” and cannot be reassigned. This is a permanent operation and cannot be undone."


so What is "general bucket"? any idea? Can Global Admin access general bucket to access all of the videos uploaded by deleted user(s)?


Also I understand above statement is not a valid statement:

Once the user name of a deleted use is removed from Microsoft Stream - As a global admin, video can be accessed (if URL is known) and can be assigned to someone else (making someone else as owner). 


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@Ashish Chawla can you explain how this works more for deleted users via the newer management settings for users?

@Marc Mroz@Ashish Chawla - can someone please explain more about what the "general bucket" means? Thank you!

@Rebecca Hoffman  - I'm not 100% sure as I've not tried this flow (I can try it out today in a test tenant to see if I can explain better), but my guess is that when you run through the flow described in the help doc to clear out a deleted user from Stream for GDPR (or other reasons), Stream won't know about that user anymore and it will assign a generic / fake user ID in the place of the actual user ID. My guess is that this means that all videos where you delete out the user through these screens will all go to the same generic / fake user ID.  


I don't know what this looks like in the UI or what string we display for this generic / fake user ID, but I'm sure it's some generic string. 


Do you have a more specific question about deleted users? I don't think this "general bucket" described in the help doc has much impact.