Stream content after user is deleted?

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We're a school, and want some 300 of our students to post a video in their personal stream. The students will share the video with some other students, and will have to make their teacher co-owner. In this way the teacher can download the original video if he wants to.


My question is, what happens with this content if the student leaves the school, and his account is deleted? Will the video remain in Stream? Is there any point in time when a video is removed automatically from stream? For example, when there is no longer a user that is assigned as owner of the video?


I've browsed through the documentation, sorry if I missed it and this is an obvious question ..

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I essentially have the same question but in a corporate setting...

I have same question too!
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We don't automatically delete the videos uploaded in Stream for any reason. After a user is no longer in you organization (or student leaves the school), the video remains in Stream. Basically all videos are "owned" by the tenant. The Stream Admins have admin rights to make changes to any video so they can take appropriate action on videos that don't have owners anymore.

Hi Marc,

The same rule apply to Office 365 Video?

Yes. O365 Video in the background are just files and site collections in SharePoint Online. So those are all "owned" by the tenant and remain after the person who uploaded is gone.

thanks Marc
Thank you so much!

Sounds like the video is retained by the organisation, but how does that effect it's visibility?  I notice that in Stream you can always see who uploaded the video.  What happens after that employee leaves?  Does the video remain shared to which ever groups/channels it has been shared to, and displayed as being uploaded by the departed employee?


@Marc Mroz 

@Marc Mroz 

We now have a user that was deleted from the O365 portal. But in MS Stream he is still in as an uploader and you can't delete or replace him. His name and the X is gray hatched. Is there a solution for this?

@Marc Mroz  Thanks. As a tenant admin, how do I access the video that a user no longer with the organization created?