Stream classic to SharePoint Online process

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In the following article by Microsoft ( I have a few questions to help me understand all of this please.

What are the enhancing existing Microsoft 365 migration tools for migrating other files into Microsoft 365?

Where do we find these tools?

What do we have to do, step by step to migrate?

Is Microsoft migrating our policies and data? or do we?

I've ran Get-CsTeamsMeetingPolicy and from what I can tell we have several policies where 'RecordingStorageMode' some are set to OneDriveForBusiness, and some to Stream and this one is our Global. Note that we haven't enabled OneDrive and not sure when we will due to security concerns so how do we switch to Sharepoint online?

Not all content must move to Stream (on SharePoint)—old videos can remain in Microsoft Stream (Classic), and will be deleted over time. What if we don't want our content to be deleted how can we migrate this?

Its says in the article, We don’t have all the dates yet. When will you?

Where do I find the existing so called classic stream videos, and how do I move them to sharepoint online?

How do I view and where do I migrate data to in sharepoint online?

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