Stream Administration for classic Stream no longer available.

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Recently our IT security team has implemented privilaged access management. Prior to this I was a global admin and managed Stream administration. Now I have been assigned lots of admin roles but Stream Administration is not available. I cannot see the slider bar to go to Stream Administration. How can I get this access back so I can manage Stream settings within our tenant. I realize the in Stream SharePoint we will not have the administration options. 

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There is not an official "Steam admin" role that can be assigned like "Exchange Admin" or "SharePoint Admin". The only way a user has access to the Stream (classic) admin settings in Stream is if they are either a "Global admin" (which you aren't anymore it seems) or their user gets assigned in Stream (classic) admin setting making them a Stream admin. I'm guessing your user isn't in the Stream (classic) admins list?

Someone who is a global admin will need to add you to the list here...
Go to Stream (classic) > Gear at the top right > Admin Settings > Manage Stream / Administrators
I was assigned the Stream (classic) admin before IT moved to privileged access for admins. Even if I go back in as a global admin the Admin Settings for Stream (classic) no longer show up.