SOLUTION: Missing Teams Video Recordings!!

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It took some digging, but for those of you who are unable to find your Teams Meeting videos in your Stream (where they have been stored previously), it turns out that MS is phasing in a process of those videos now being stored in either your One Drive for Business or your Sharepoint. This started happening at the beginning of the year. 

I'm sure your IT department was alerted, but you may not have gotten the memo. 

If you're looking for your video, check your Teams chat log. There may be a listing titled the same as the name of your meeting. The video is there!

So your videos aren't lost... they're just stored in a new place. 

Here's where I found the answer:

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I see some of my recorded meetings, but when my OneDrive runs out of space, what happens? Where will the recording be saved next?

@Danniel1976 The only answer I see in that document is maaaaybe(?) this:



If a Teams meeting recording fails to successfully upload to OneDrive/SharePoint, the recording will instead be temporarily saved to Azure Media Services (AMS). Once stored in AMS, no retry attempts are made to automatically upload the recording to OneDrive/SharePoint or Stream.

Meeting recordings stored in AMS are available for 21 days before being automatically deleted. Users can download the video from AMS if they need to keep a copy.




@EdithAlderette the Teams video chats are stored in AMS. How can users (or admins) access these video files?  

If a Teams meeting recording fails to upload to OneDrive or SharePoint there will still be a chat message with a link to download the video. That link to download the video from Teams will be available for 21 days. After that the video is deleted from Teams.