Sharing Video Link in Dynamics 365 Learning Paths

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Is there a possibility to share the videos as a link in Dynamics 365 Learning? During the test I could not able to watch the video from Dynamics 365 despite I was using Office 365 credentials. Can someone please elaborate on this?

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Can you give us a bit more detail on the flow you are doing? Are you using the Stream embed code or a link directly into Stream.


@ArchanaN - Do you know more about Dynamics 365 Learning and what works with Stream?

Thanks for getting back to me about the issue.
I am using the shared link as I don't think you can embed the code in Dynamics Learning Path. There is only option to add a video link.

So you add a link to the Stream video into Dynamics Learning.

When you click the video what happens? Doesn't it just take you to Stream like any other link? Or is it trying to open the link inside Dynamics somehow? What's the error you see? Can you paste some screen shots?


Here is the screen shot as requested.

Stream Dynamics ScreenShot.PNG








It does not show any error.

The video does not play within Dynamics and it does not take me to Stream.

Sorry I'm not familiar with Dynamics Learning, I'll have to see if I can track down someone who knows how this works internally.


However, can you take me through a full workflow of what you did step by step to get to that end screenshot you posted? 


Which link did you grab in Stream, how did you get it into Dyanmics, etc.


Here are the steps I have taken

  1. Uploaded video on Stream
  2. Assign permissions to Office 365 users. ( I assigned Owner permission to the other users for testing purpose)
  3. Also checked the box for Allow everyone in your company to view this video
  4. Published the Video
  5. Clicked on Share
  6. Got the Direct URL
  7. Added the Direct link in the video link section in Dynamics 365 Learning Path

YouTube links in Dynamics 365 are working perfectly fine.