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Is it possible to share a video on stream with external clients (not on office 365)? Open public access is not an option for us as video's need to be protected from public viewing so authentication for non office 365 users is required.

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+1 - this is huge and why we use any video system.  If we cannot easily get content to our customers, without forcing their hand to play in the Microsoft space, it will force us to continue to use non-Microsoft solutions even though we are a software firm based on Microsoft platform.

Stream Community, It would be great to collect more requirements from anyone who would like to share public external videos..
What types of scenarios, controls and settings would you want to see support for on Public Videos? 


How would you share the public videos mostly?  Via links, email, or direct embed into your web sites?  Are you targeting marketing videos, or publishing to your external web CMS?  Do you need integration with an existing web CMS or Azure App services hosted web site?

What are your needs for authentication or encryptoin on the external videos?


Please add thoughts, use case scenarios, and ideas to our Ideas thread on External Videos -


Hi Johndeu,


I'd like to see the ability to share access to a video or a channel with external users who do not have office 365 accounts.


Ideally we would need the two scenarios where:

- Access to the video would be protected via credentials (non office 365) for those external users. 

- Access to the video would be open to public to view via a shared link


We usually embed video streams into our company wiki (confluence).


For us these are videos samples of games we are developing on behalf of clients. Therefore, video streams would need to be encrypted and would require authentication.





we are a company who educate users in how to use the office applications, ofthen we record usage in films and are now using a third party program to stream these films to the customers. We would like to be able to stream these films from within the Office 365 environment.


Some would need to be accessed with password or login and some would need to be public, like teasers.

One important szenario is to easily share recorded Skype for Business sessions with external users who were not able to attend the live Skype call. Today we need to do this with our internal azure subscription via media services.

We are looking to make training videos available to both org users and external clients. Channels would be a great way to have those types of video in one place for both types of users but currently any share outside our org removes the video from all channels. M_P

I thought when Stream was announced last year it was supposed to be a new "YouTube" like offering--allowing users to share video with others, even if not part of your org, or an authenticated external user in O365. I also thought it would "integrate" with O365 Video--which we now use frequently? (or maybe the term is O365 video would fold into Stream?)


We love O365 video, and we produce much content--mostly learning videos for staff, and, as another user mentioned, the uploading of recorded Skype for Business sessions.


We need to have the ability to show this learning content to both external users who have been invited to our SharePoint sites, as well as a broader audience that we'd sometimes like to just be able to access anonymously through a distributed link. We'd also like the ability to toggle the anonymous access on/off if possible. Also, O365 video has some limitations, i/m/o, on file names, and how the descriptions are displayed, etc. Also, we should be able to tag the videos with metadata we already maintain within the O365 system, have "like" or "rating" capability, and display number of views. I suppose a "comments" feature would be helpful as long as they could be turned on/off.


So far, we've not been able to do much of that with O365 Video, and we were hoping Stream would be the answer. Can you please update?


I recently had a meeting with my contacts at Microsoft here in Sweden and according to them O365-Stream does not have the ability to stream videos externally. But looking inte the roadmap they also mentioned that it seems as Microsoft has the ambition to have that feature in Stream later on. I really hope they will get the feature going later this year but there was no timestamp on the information.


We would need to be able to create externally accessible unauthenticated links to specific videos. We're a congress venue and want to share specific videos (e.g. location setups or marketing material) directly to potential customers.

FYI.. if you or others haven't already done so you can vote/comment on these ideas in the Stream Idea forum.

Public Anonymous Videos:


External Guests:

This is key for us to, to be able to use Stream. If this feature is not available, we'll keep using external video platforms.

Currently best to download video to OneDrive and share. A pain but the best you get currently


I created a SharePoint site with students outside of my university. They have seamless access to the site content. We have a Teams seminar with recording. No access problem. The seminar got recorded and posted in Teams. I can see it from my organization, they cannot, even though there is a Stream tab, where I cannot post the link to the recording. I ended up downloading MP4 file to SharePoint. What nonsense! The Teams is affected, SharePoint etc. 



Would love to share Stream videos on LinkedIN@anonymous-user I am so surprised that Yammer is the only icon that pops up when you select "share" as Microsoft owns LinkedIn. 

@anonymous-user I agree with you... after with finish recording a meeting it could show us a pop up asking if the recording should be shared with external users or not... and if we reply yes, then, all the external will have access, if we reply no, then, it will not be shared automatically. In this case, only if we download and share that will be shared to whom we send emails after the meeting.

@mbalcerzyk We have the same issue too. SharePoint works well, Teams works well, but stream does not - including meetings recorded from Teams. I hope a new feature rolls out soon to properly integrate Microsoft Stream into the Microsoft 365 Group world.

I started downloading videos from Stream and then uploading them to OneDrive so that I can set share permission so that anyone with the link can view.  Crazy that I have to do that

Hi @Wires001 


Did you tried this recently?... because the new way of recording in Teams is by default OneDrive:


Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 67138


Microsoft Teams: meeting recordings saved to OneDrive and SharePoint

Ability to save Microsoft Teams meeting recordings to OneDrive and SharePoint for improved sharing capabilities, basic governance, automatic retention labels, go local, bring your own keys and, more that comes from recording video files and storing them in SharePoint and OneDrive.

  • Feature ID: 67138
  • Added to Roadmap: 9/22/2020
  • Last Modified: 2/3/2021
  • Tags: Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), General Availability, Education, Microsoft Teams

Status is Launched!


I have tested myself and the my recordings goes by default to OneDrive at this date.


Kind Regards,


@Lucian_C Thanks much for passing this on - that is great news! However, I recorded a Teams meeting today and it was saved to Stream but not OneDrive.  Maybe the change hasn't been rolled out yet to everyone yet.  Will look forward to it happening for us!