sending Stream video open to everyone and some cannot view

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I shared a link to Stream where a video was saved, everyone in company has permission, yet some receive an error message.

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@michaelwoodpaTo view a video in Microsoft Stream, you must be a user in the tenant where the video is stored. External sharing is currently not possible and guest accounts can't see the video.


The problem I have sometimes is that I am logged in to a different tenant then the video tenant in the current browser session. The URL for sharing a video has the format:<video GUID>


This URL does not contain informations about the tenant the video is stored in. For example the SharePoint Online URL is different:


https://<tenant name><sitename>


Here you know the tenant by the tenant name.


Please check if you have logged in with the correct account. When in doubt, try a private browser session. If this works, you should either clear the browser cache or just log out with the "wrong" user and log in again with the tenant user.


And a big welcome in the Tech Community, @michaelwoodpa !

What if you don't know the pasword of the "correct account" ? I have the same problem. A friend has shared a video with my mail, but I can't see it.

@anto1586  You must be a member in his tenant, otherwise it does not work. You need an account/mail like and not When you get the URL<guid> and you log in with yourmail's account, you are in your Stream, where the Video <guid> is not found, because it is in the your_friend_tenant tenant.


Currently no external sharing with Microsoft Stream.

@Tomislav Karafilov I had the same issue yesterday, recorded a presentation and then posted via stream to a Teams site that all users are a member of, and yet have a few user report they cannot see it. I have screen shots like the one at the top of the post. All the users are internal and do not use multiple accounts.

What are the likely suspects to check?


@Ben O'Flaherty Seddon  Check if the users have permission to see the video by giving them direct access with their account in the video permissions. It always depends on the video permissions, if users can see the video, not where the video is referenced/shown/integrated. Users should try in Teams client and in browser.


The only solution is to use Zoom. Microsoft never do think through their useless products before launching them, incl. Microsoft Teams, Stream or any of it's own platforms. That's why so many people have problems with Microsoft and have chosen Zoom instead. It's also why Microsoft avoid direct contact with customers, since almost all Microsoft products are unofficially in Beta form and they rely on customers encountering problems and reporting their bugs. My company gave me a link to the recording of a meeting I missed and thanks to Microsoft, all staff who could not make the meeting can't see the video because the links don't work. We usually use Zoom. Microsoft causes businesses too many issues and are NOT business friendly at all.


@Rocki7  There are some great announcements for the "New Microsoft Stream" at Microsoft Ignite today. Teams meeting recordings will change to be saved in OneDrive/SharePoint and can be shared like other files. See here in this thread an answer from @Marc Mroz  from Microsoft pointing to more informations:

@Tomislav Karafilov My colleague is having the same issue. I recorded a video, uploaded to our channel on the Teams page. She is one of the Teams page owners. I made the video visible to my organization plus added her individually.  She still is getting the message "The authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource."