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Does anyone have any helpful tips for searching within Stream? I know when you search for a word or phrase, it searches video titles, descriptions and transcripts, but sometimes this is TOO deep of a search. I have tried searching for an exact video title and it shows up way down on the list. I have tried searching the exact video title using quotes thinking that might pull it in and put it on the top, but it doesn't. Without playlist capabilities, it can be difficult for our users to find the videos they're looking for that are part of a series. They show up randomly and filtering by publish date doesn't help because the series of videos are published over the course of weeks or months, so they still have to hunt for them.

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Hi, @Kate Bowling 

You can try prefixing it with Title:"Your Video Title" to see whether it would help. 





It didn't work.  :(


stream search.JPG

i think the search doesn't put any weight on the video title, which seems odd.

Thanks for getting back. I would imagine that Stream would also use the Search query language but I guess we'll have to wait for official word from MS.


The issue still resides, any Microsoft document to refer for an expected behaviour?

@Satch Boogie  we stopped working on improving the Stream search experience when they announced the migration to SP and OD4B.

@Kate Bowling Thanks for the quick response. Really appreciate your feedback. 


Could you also confirm if this is something we have escalate further like requesting for DCR maybe? because most if the client are still using streams for video management and looks like this would not be happy with this response. However, I understand the reason behind no progress on search experience in Microsoft Streams completely. 


Thanks in advance! Cheers :clinking_glasses: