Restrict download of videos?

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Hi, Maybe this feature already exists, and if so, where?  We'd really like the ability to restrict downloading of videos, in other words, you can stream them, but not download them and share them out.  Trying to restrict company confidential information traveling home on a thumb-drive or personal cloud storage account.   Thank you

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@Bob Lillie - In MS Stream, currently only the owner of a video can download the original copy. All viewers can do is stream it for playback.


The Stream mobile app (available for Android now, iOS being reviewed by Apple) does allow "offline playback" as well. However the user doesn't get a copy of the MP4, the offline copy stays inside the Stream app itself (only playable from there), is encrypted, and can only be played offline for 7 days before needing to connect back to internet to check if you still have access to that video. In addition our app can be Intune managed for remote wipes and to even block the offline playback feature.

@Bob Lillie 

Any updates regarding this matter?

We are in the same boat as the TO and would like to restrict/disable the download of the videos (also the owner) from Microsoft Stream as well.

I have the same issue - I need to restrict the download capability. I did try out the Member vs Owner designation in the private group I created, and it turns out that the Member does have the option to download. 



Has anyone found an answer to this question yet? 

@Augustine Chua Only the owner of a video can download it in Stream (classic). Viewers can only watch through the Stream player. 


If you make a M365 Group an owner then anyone in the group who has contribute access will be able to download/edit the video. There is a flag in Stream that lets you toggle if the members of the group have view only for the group or contribute.