Replace a video when it has been updated

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Our videos are almost always a work in progress so it is essential that I can replace the video on Stream with the latest version without disrupting the embedded versions.  Can this be done?

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We don't have this ability in Stream right now. Can you add this idea to our Stream Ideas forum so others can vote/comment on it?
Agreed - we'll have a number of training videos which will get updated as processes change. Not having the ability to overwrite / update an existing video means all training documentation will have to be updated to a new link, and previous training docs will essentially be full of broken links.
One more thing besides broken links; it appears any previous views / likes / comments will also get lost since you're essentially creating a brand new video.

In case anyone else hits this one in a search like I did, the idea has been added and it's here:


There is also at least one other request for the same here (in case anyone knows how to merge these):

Thanks @Bill Blais - I merged the 2 ideas.


This one had all the votes and comments now:


We know this features is important and hope to get to it in the next few quarters, but keep the votes coming if this is really important to you.

Excellent. Thanks, Marc.

agreed on this, we have just updated a video, and it is likely will have more iteration of updates; and have to re-link several documents linking to this video. 

Yes, you can! This capability has been added to Microsoft Stream. Content owners and Stream admins can replace existing video files with a new version without changing the URL, video details, or permissions. You can find how to do that in this Microsoft Q&A.  @Tom Bubulka