"Allow everyone in your company to view this video" doesn't seem to work

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Seems that if I check this (and I see the "privacy icon" change to teh green square with two people in it rather than the yellow/orange square with just one person in it) that my users still don't have access to the video.


Anyone else?


Is MS Stream still in development?? Seems like EVERYTHING at Microsoft is in development right now! SharePoint is like, half-in/half-out of mehing migrated to the "Modern" structure... I hope they straighten this stuff out fast.

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@oiversonWhat do you mean with "users still don't have access to the video"? Access from where? When you are the owner, no else is set, the switch is on, you can post such a video in Yammer or in SharePoint with every user has access. What are you trying?

@Tomislav KarafilovSo my assumption was that if I checked the box to "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" that I wouldn't need to explicitly name anyone in the "Viewers" section.

So if I DON'T add anyone to the "Viewer" list, and share a link with someone, they see some kind of  "no access" message.


Is Streams ONLY controlled with SharePoint stuff? I don't find that I can list any of my typical AD groups like "Staff" - I can only add groups and channels and such.


I wish the Microsoft landscape was diagrammed out somewhere!

@oiversonI have two users. User A uploads a Video and is owner. User B does not see it under Discover/Videos. When I enable "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" by User A and User B refreshed the Discover/Videos page, the video appears. You do not have to add users as viewers. 


To the groups: In Stream you see Microsoft 365 Groups. If you see a group in Teams, you see it in Stream. "Simple" AD groups are not displayed. You can read more here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/groups-channels-organization

@Tomislav KarafilovSo I must admit that I took a users word.


It DOES seem that the company-wide feature DOES work as intended. I don't know how one can mess up "clicking a link" but I will say that MS and specifically MS Stream are definitely in flux at the moment and there is also significant lag in publishing items. Obviously this is to be expected when you've created an ecosystem that is easier and easier to build out at the touch of a button but are fairly complex in the backend.