Office 365 Video to Stream Migration frustrations and feedback

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All of our O365 videos have vanished today and support have advised that we have been transitioned  through to Stream.  The videos are not however in Stream and my understanding was that we had opted out of this. I have escalated this up to our account manager today. Has anyone else had a similar experience? 


I cannot see any messages in Message Centre relating to this and my experience with support today was less than helpful. As a general bit of feedback, the communication around the O365 to Stream transition from a user perspective has been inconsistent and generally very poor. 


The APIs are not in place and as all of our video uploads are uploaded via APIs our processes have failed and our users are down.  We need to revert back to O365 Video. Is there anyone from the Product team who can offer up some advice? 


We are using the Office 365 Video REST APIs and  Office 365 integrations so the documentation below states that we wont be migrated in 2019 Q1.


Phase 1 – Tenant Admin Opt-in (2019 Q1)

Limited to customers in specific regions who are not using the Office 365 Video REST APIs, Office 365 integrations (Delve, SharePoint Home, SharePoint mobile, Enterprise Search), and are comfortable with other differences between Office 365 Video and Stream. See more (details about the migration experience for this phase.


Phase 2 – Tenant Admin Opt-out (TBD)

Applies to all customers in all regions. If the tenant admin doesn’t opt out of the transition their tenant will be transitioned over to Stream during this phase.

Phase 3 – Automatic Transition (TBD)

All remaining Office 365 Video customers will be automatically transitioned over to Stream.


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Did you see the message center message about the transition to Stream that can be manually started from Office 365 Video?
As I understand it not everyone will see the message until they have got to your tenant and offering you the migration tool. We havent seen any alert in our Office 365 video app yet but I have a few questions to ask about it when we do!