Office 365 Stream - no sound, just video

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I am testing the use of Stream.  Uploaded a couple of videos which play fine on Stream with both video and sound.  Got one video which Stream only shows the video but has no sound.  The video has sound when played in GOM player.  Any help will be much appreciated.

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It's possible there is something that our encoders don't like about that one video. We handle a vast array of different video/audio formats, but it's possible some times we can't encode something.


If you wanted to send me a private message and get me the original video (if you are okay with sharing it with us at Microsoft), we can have one of our encoding engineers process the video and see what error/issues our encoder sees when trying it.

Thanks! will check and get back.

I've had this same issue with MXF files

I have exactly the same issue - plays perfectly well on iPhone when subtitles are selected and the audio changed to aac_und_2_127_1_1 is there no way to affect this within the Stream portal?  

Sharing video files in Teams removes the audio when playing back in Streams. 


I have the same issue with our MS Streams, when sharing a video in Teams it is uploaded to Streams OK but there is no audio. This happened on the last 2 attempts. They are in the .MOV format.




I have the same problem, we upload MP4 videos to a folder in Microsoft Teams 
and when the video runs it opens in Microsoft Stream without audio


Hi @Marc Mroz ; can you please confirm if the playback issues with .mov files have been resolved? We did raise a support case with MS but the support engineer has come back with the explanation that since the video is above 3Mbps bit rate, it's expected that the video playback will have issues.

We have examples of a 46Mbps video that has no audio during playback and a bunch of 115Mbps vides that only have audio and a blank screen for the video.

These high bit rate videos (115Mbps ones) previously would show an error message but now seems to be downloading content(confirmed from the network tab) but the video still doesn't render.