O365 Video to Stream Migration - help !

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We have a large instance of O365 Video. We are trying and failing to obtain a list of all O365 videos within our tenant. We have tried the Powershell and Power BI routes and a few other suggestions 


We have developed a solution that is archiving videos to Azure but many channels and videos are failing. Without a list of all videos we don’t have any method of validating our migration efforts and targeting those videos we are missing. This is becoming incredibly frustrating as it feels we are locked on a burning platform that generates errors every day for our end users.  


Is there a resource who can help?. We have followed all migration and support direction but a good few months on we are still unable to complete our migration tasks. My own feeling is that


  • Microsoft have not provided effective communication or support for O365 Video users.   Communication and Support has been very very Poor
  • Microsoft have closed off a Product without providing an alternative with available APIs
  • We are attempting to move off the O365 Video platform but product errors and failures are preventing us from doing so
  • Microsoft should be doing more to assist end users given we have had two major 3 week + outages on this O365 video platform over this last year

Any comments, advice, shared experiences, words of encouragement or alternative approaches would be most welcome. We seem to have exhausted most options now. 


Help :) 

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