No audio in uploaded powerpoint to microsoft streaming video

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Hi I've uploaded my power points to Microsoft stream.  the pp presentations have recorded audio, but I cannot hear it after uploading it up to video stream.  Any assistance on how I can get audio to work? 

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Hi Natacha,


Based on below thread, Audio files are not supported with Microsoft Stream, So you need to convert the video file with a static background image by adding name /date and other relevant information about the audio file.


let me know if you still face issue after converted into Video file and uploaded into the stream




Was it an audio only file? Or was it a video file?

If it's audio only we don't support that.


If it was a video and the audio just didn't come through, I'm not sure what the issue is it sounds like some sort of bug. Can you have your O365 admin open a support ticket so we can help troubleshoot?

It was an audio file only from my class lecture.  Thank you.