MS Stream crashing all day - 7/22

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We use Teams daily to promote online classes in our school. All classes are recorded and published at Stream. But today we faced all the situations below:


1. When our students and teachers started accessing videos, they saw names of videos and users as "xxxx" (;

2. It had an all-day behavior as like a continuous restarting. Sometimes, Stream presented no media (completely empty), sometimes all the links were crashed, sometimes all the thumbnails were broke. And this behavior is still happening (and depending of the browser the behavior is completely different);


3. Did a test now (11pm UTC-3) and with Google Chrome I could upload and process 4 videos, but right after this I used Edge Chromium, with the same user, and Stream were empty. I also tested with 2 other employees and they said that they saw Stream empty.


I included some screenshots as examples, but the situation is insane. We opened a ticked in the morning, had no answer yet, and we found no user with similar issues. The situation is really odd and highly impacts our institution.


Note: While I was attaching these screenshots, I refreshed Stream at Chrome and Edge and the service is empty again in both browsers. 

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I experienced very similar issues on the same day. Our live streams were presenting a black screen (no video or audio). The issue was resolved magically on the 23rd. We tested multiple encoders, multiple PC's Multiple networks but the experience was consistent across all devices. We also tested other Streaming providers to rule out any encoder issues.

From our side, the issue started around 11am AEST and it was working again on the 23rd. 


@doidi did Microsoft respond to your case?

@Matthew-S We opened a ticket with MS on the 22rd, but I didn't have an answer in the day. So, we asked help our MS partner that confirmed a degradation in Stream for a bunch of users since 22rd (including some of their clients). The stability and correction came on the 24th, same day that Microsoft contacted me. 

@doidi Have you heard anything about issues today?

@zakmdot Working fine here.

@zakmdot I haven't had any issues since 22/23rd. Yesterday I was running a live event for several hours and it was fine.