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Is it possible to add more than one audio language to a video in MS Stream?


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No. But we are building an audio description feature in Stream (on SharePoint) which will allow multiple audio tracks to be uploaded. You can set one per language and let the user switch to those. I don't have a date yet for it but it's under development. You'll need to switch to Stream (on SharePoint) will hixh is uploading your videos to SharePoint onedrive and teams instead of Stream (Classic). Https://

@Marc Mroz - any updates on this? 

Any updates? Looking at the roadmap, it shows a rollout starting Sept 2023 but it also shows "Targeted Release". My group in my organization is looking at migrating away from Stream. This issue is the biggest reason we are doing so. If a solution is on the horizon, we may revisit staying with Stream (SharePoint) for our videos. But that will depend heavily on how far away this feature is from full release and how well it functions.

@ScottBraun @SaeedAmin @Stina Biärsjö just wanted to update you folks on this one.  The ability to upload multiple audio tracks in Stream on SharePoint is starting to roll out in the next few weeks.  We will start our rollout with a targeted release but are planning to quickly follow with General Availability. 


Scott I'd love for you to stay with Stream on SharePoint at least until you give this exciting, and inclusive, feature a go since I'd love your feedback and insights into what could we improve.  Can you share with me when is a reasonable expectation for you and your org to have this working?  Are you under any government clouds?


Thank you!

@RodrigoTarrats We have a base set of videos already created. So technically it is already working. It just isn't available to anyone outside of my specific group within our company, and not released to the employee group for which these videos are intended. Another group is working on translating our closed caption files and utilizing AI text to voice to obtain multi-lingual voiceovers. We are past the proof-of-concept phase and now have multiple groups getting their processes set up to support this. I feel like we have a year, maybe a little less, before we launch the videos for consumption. There is still a lot of work to do to get this library built up.


Edit: I don't see us deciding on a delivery mechanism for a couple months. We have sought out a couple options but haven't had the discussion of specific capabilities and use cases (because we haven't really nailed them down yet. I started looking into solutions that offered multiple audio track capabilities when I stumbled on this thread.


I'm curious if the new audio functionality will allow the end user to simply select a language and have both audio and captions change. Or if they will have to select their audio language and caption language separately.

@ScottBraun thanks for your prompt response!


I'm curious if the new audio functionality will allow the end user to simply select a language and have both audio and captions change. Or if they will have to select their audio language and caption language separately.

We decided to keep both audio and captions separate from each other to allow for additional flexibility eg. watching a video and selecting a dubbed Spanish track with English closed captions. 


As for your timeline a couple of months is all we need to fully roll out to General Availability.  I wish I could provide you with a crisper estimate, but you should be able to try Audio Tracks & Descriptions before the holidays.  I'm really looking forward to you trying this in your organization, and when you do don't be a stranger and please share your feedback!



Hey @ScottBraun it's been a little over two months since I last replied, but I just wanted to let you know that we have finished our rollout for Audio Tracks. They should be generally available for you to try out at your earliest convenience.


In case you require additional information, please refer to our support doc. I hope that Audio Tracks enables you to accomplish your video goals in Stream, but if it doesn't, please don't hesitate to share in this forum any feedback or insights you may have for us, as we love to connect with our customers.  Thanks again for taking the time to post in the forum!

@RodrigoTarrats Thanks for the heads up. I currently have the first batch of videos out for caption and voiceover translation. I look forward to trying out the new feature when I get the translations back. If I have time, I'll try to set up a dummy video to play around with the feature before I start getting translated files back.