Microsoft Stream will not load in Chrome

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In Chrome, when I click Stream from the homepage, it will hang up on the Stream Red Arrows (loading) forever. I tried clearing my cache and it still does it.


It works fine in Edge and Explorer. Any thoughts on what to do here?

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That's very strange...I use Google Chrome regularly with Office 365 including Microsoft Stream and I have never seen those problems when accessing Stream so I recommend you to open a support case here.
I was having some problem loading a video as well. I disabled an extension that was preventing the page from loading. Maybe worth a try to see if a privacy or ad blocker is hanging it up?

I am getting the same problem. Sometimes i can log in but there is nothing available to click. it will tell me you need to refresh your browser but that doesnt change anything @RJ Miller 

@Shawn Salamipour  - This issue seemed to resolve itself for me. For a while, I just used a different browser. Now it works fine in Chrome again. I'd suggest upgrading Chrome

@RJ Miller  I had this exact problem for the longest time.  I tried removing extensions, hard load and refresh, but nothing was working.  I finally got it resolved by following the steps:


  • Launch Developer Tools and select the Application Tab
  • Expand Local Storage, right-click on and select clear
  • Expand Session storage, right-click on and select clear
  • Expand cookies, right-click on and select clear
  • refresh the page

After following these steps, stream is now up and running again for me in chrome.  Hope that helps.

@Jace Copier thanks for the tip. Your steps worked for me as well.

Worked a treat!

@Jace Copier Thank you! Fixed. Finally.

@Jace Copier  Working fine, Thanks

Thanks a ton, that worked like a charm. MIght want to add to your step by step that it's now called "Application" ribbon now. :)


 @Jace Copier 

@SVibe thank you.  I have updated my steps to reflect the change.  

@Jace Copier Thanks for this.  I managed to solve this too.


To open developer tools click on Ctrl-Shift-C then follow the steps!

Awesome thanks!

@Jace Copier This didnt resolve issue :(

Me too

@Jace Copier 

None of the advise has worked for me. I am still stuck in the beginning. I have to watch a video intro about the service. When the video ends, nothing happens. no option to continue. 

@Jace Copier  You're my hero - thanks so much!  :smile:  Stream was stuck on loading for Chrome and Edge...finally had to sort out and found your post...worked like a charm in both browsers! Thanks again - cheers!

Outstanding, worked like a charm!@Jace Copier 

Even after proceeding all these steps it is not working.