Microsoft Stream sharing with o365 usrers and non o365 users as Domain users

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Anyone who know if user upload file to Office 365 Stream service then want to share O365 users and non O365 users which are domain users.


Customer are using Hybrid O365, in that situation does it able to share its own domain users using O365 Stream service?

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See here

Stream is a service which can be used by all users in an organisation and across the organisation as it is web based.

However, any users who want to use stream to upload and share video need to be licenced. This means an Office 365 or standalone Stream Licence.

At present, Stream video’s cannot be shared with anonymous (external) or non licenced users.

Hope that answers your question!

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@Christopher Hoard 


Hi, Christopher


Thank you for your answer, I understood current status and conditions. If we want to give access to use stream service , it needs adaptable licenses. 


When I go to Microsoft 365 roadmap site, they are now in development about "Microsoft Stream: Public anonymous external video sharing", it will launch Q4 CY2019.


"Allow individual videos in Microsoft Stream to be marked for external public access allowing the video to be embeded in a public website. Anyone in the world can view these external videos without a login. Stream admins will be able to control if this feature is enabled and who within the organization can make videos publicly available."


When it will launch this service, we can easily share our stream service in public.




That is correct! In Q4 it’s a feature lots have been waiting for for some time. I just responded to Jeff Taper on Twitter yesterday about this!

Glad to have answered your question

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Looks like it is Q4 CY2020 now.

@jburkehansen - also still waiting for this feature - any news on when this will be released?

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@Christopher Hoard It is already cancelled. Guess we will have to wait for Q2 2021 when the New Stream arrives?

Hi @DaanRousseau,

Correct, but you should be able to do it from November, when video starts being saved to SharePoint and OneDrive. However, that date is an opt in experience and per the announcements at Ignite you will need to set your policies in the Teams Admin Centre. It will only be made mandatory from Q1 2021

Hope that helps

Best, Chris
If any of you hear of this actually being implemented, please shout out. We're waiting for a way to share with our community partners who don't have access to our agency Office 365 subscription. Thanks so much for posting this information.
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