Microsoft Stream and Onenote

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Hi my whole school use office 365 account subscriton.

I try to embed Microsoft Stream VDO to OneNote for my Class Notebook (MS Stream and Onenote are same 365 school ID account)
On Onenote its ask to login Stream to watch vdo.

Is that possible if same account on Onenote or student account that I already add permission on MS Stream who login they onenote (Class notebook) can auto grant or login to watch VDO from MS stream.

Thank you.

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@Amit Rajput could you please help confirm what the expected behavior here should be?

Hi @Akarat Gobkuea, we have single sign on already set up between OneNote and Stream. You may however, be experiencing some issues, and I'd like to try and get to the bottom of it.  Here are some questions:

1. What OS and OneNote application are you using? Example response: Windows 10, Win32 OneNote App.  As a side note, it is possible that the certain version/applicaiton you are using doesn't support this auto login embedded capability.

2. Is the user logged into the OneNote application? 

3. Can you try on the OneNote web application with Edge or Chrome to see if that works?