Issues with Microsoft Stream - TownHall

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Hi greeting,


I am trying to get Stream started for a TownHall for some reasons. 

They kept on saying my stream address isn't pointing in the right direction.


1- Cannot Connect to the RTMP/ Flash Server at the given IP Address. Verify the servier is reachable at the given address.

2 - Unable to complete the output configuration - Microsoft STream


Would it be possible to get some help?


Thank you very much and happy new year 2019!! :)




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2 things, what software are you using for your encoder.

And this Town hall, all the users have an org ID to access the Stream? Saying that, because Stream doesn't yet support anonymous viewing. Only method that does, is doing it Through Teams.

Hi Chris, thank you for your reply! we are using Wirecast S. I dont believe all users have access to stream yet. 


I actually don't have that ability on my Teams.

Do you think you can walk me through it?


Thank you,

Jean :)

You click meeting tab, then schedule meeting. At the top left where it says "New Meeting", there should be or might be a downward arrow, you click this to get to Live Event. If this isn't available, then you will need to as a global admin, go into Teams admin center > Meetings > Live Events Policies and enable Live Events.
Hi Chris, thank you very much! I just tested it with Teams, but somehow the start button is grayed out. Is there a reason why?
Thank you for all of your help!

Can you screenshot? I think you mean start in Teams where it shows your feeds? You ahve to make sure you select a video feed by clicking on it on the bottom so it puts it up top. Then it should activate. If it's what I think you're talking about :P.

Hi Chris, please view picture attached. :)


Thank you, 




Does your webcam not show in the bottom section? You cut off the screen :P. You click in the add content from below, then click on your webcam. Once you do that, then Send Live (Think it does this for you) Then Start will light up.

Omg, it worked!! Thank you Chris!! you are amazinnnnggggg~~


Thank you so much!

Helped me a gazillion! :)


Wuhooo, great way to start a New Year 2019!


Thank you,

Jean :)