Is there a way to track which users have viewed a video within Stream?

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I am in the process of creating many training videos on Microsoft Teams, Stream, and other platforms. My management chain is in the process of making the viewing of these videos within Stream mandatory as wants me to investigate if there is a way to verify if a particular O365 user has viewed a particular Stream video. 


Is this a capability that currently exists, and if not, is there an appropriate place to make such a request? I would imagine the best practice would be that, if such a setting exists, to disable it by default and require the video owner to enable tracking views by viewer. 


Thank you.

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If you have access to the Audit Logs, yes. Details here: . Just followed those instructions on our environment and they worked. Running report for all stream activities for a month took around 5 mins to display. So, it might go slow. Also, disable adblockers when in the security center. uBlock disables some of the submit/search buttons.

Thanks, Scott. I'll refer that to our O365/Exchange Admin team.

I'm starting investigations on how / what related to analytics we should start capturing and displaying directly in Stream (in addition to what we send to the audit log).


Any uses cases, feedback, ideas around video level analytics and what you wish we could capture in Stream about a specific person who viewed a video, please let me know your feedback.

Selfishly speaking, I'd like to see analytics similar to what I can get from Vimeo. For a specific date range on an individual channel, or individual video:

# of unique views

# of complete views

View % (50% of people watched 75% of the video)

To a lesser degree, user names. Maybe see all videos watched by specific user? I could see that be useful in training scenarios as a check on if required videos have been watched.



I evaluated a product (built in Azure) that gave me live analytics like current viewers with drop off.  I could also see region info, browser, OS and device.

WE also have some videos which are required viewing, and the ability to see who has accessed those in the last x number of days / weeks would be handy.  Regarding  the comment about 50% have seen 75% of the video...Zoom and GoToWebinar both have the capability to track whether the video window is "active"  That may be outside the scope of what stream is attempting to be, but if there is professional-qualified training storage and availability on the road map this is something you may want to consider.

This works only for admins. If different posters are there and the video posters need to know the analytics. 

The info you had in Office Mix would be very helpful!

+1 for making it more like Vimeo - that would be incredibly useful. I would love it if we could get user names though, that would be helpful for me in terms of establishing what content is landing well with which users.

I will look into the link provided above as well but having just met with our training department on the use of Stream this morning they are echoing other requests here - mainly, who has viewed the video and did they finish it or how far did they make it.


This should be something the channel or video owner/uploader should be able to see, not just admins.

  • @Marc Mroz 
    List of unique viewers who watched a video with the date/time they last watched and the percent of video they watched.
    Use case: See if team members who missed a team meeting watched the recording later.
  • Ability to schedule a report (email notification) from Stream, with the report being the above viewer data, to execute at a specific date and time or a relative time following a meeting (e.g. 8 hours, 2 days, 1 week, 2 months). 
    Use case: Convenient to create the scheduled report when scheduling the meeting.
  • Ability to schedule a report from a meeting. Recordings I do for the meeting (and there may be multiple) would each inherit that schedule.
    Use case: Convenient to create the scheduled report once for a recurring meeting and have it repeat for each meeting's recording.



Office Mix was amazing in every way!  I don't understand why it went away.

@Amanda FickesI'm still searching for a product as good as Office Mix was.  Taking it away has made flipping my class so much harder!!!

@LaurieGrant Stream now has the quizzing ability at least, but so many aspects still missing... 

I just looked at the quizzing ability, its there but such a pain. To have to make a form then insert it. It doesn't work for me, other programs do it better. Its annoying because they had such a great product. I'm glad i'm not the only on who is annoyed by this!!

@LaurieGrant Agree.  We provide a lot of internal training for CPE and that is subject to several "rules' thast can be difficult to satisfy with a small staff.  We have used GoToTraining and Zoom Webinars.  it would be nice to have a few more players in this arena that are not specific to certain industries.  On the other hand I can understand why Microsoft may be targeting the biggest audience - those who want to have a hosting platform that is secured with network credentials.

I'll just keep watching the feature releases...

Oh, and I would also still like to see the ability to track who has seen the video...

Hi Scott... I realize you posted this 19 months ago, but I was wondering if you could share the name of the product you evaluated.
Hi, Marc:
do you have any progress on your analytics tool .
currently, I want to use stream for my company's training video , so I need know who have watched the video and how may time one person spend in one video.