Is there a way to self record your screen using Microsoft Streams or Teams?

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Our office computers are PC so we don't have the handy free and easy to use features to record how-to videos on our screen or edit them in a free easy to use editing software.  Training and Development is looking for a tool for employees to use to de-centralize video tutorials of how to do their job within a framework and guide they are creating.  Is there a technology we can use or recommend within Office 365?  We used to be able to have employees create Skype for Business meetings with themselves and record them, they could then use the screen share option and create these quick easy self tutorial videos.  Looking for a new solution!

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@stephanieserblowski Usually to record my screen I use It's really good.


I recormmend OBS and RecMaster. I have tried both of them. OBS is really a feature-rich screen recorder, but it is a little difficult for me. RecMaster is an easy-to-use recording tool but it's editing feature is not so good. I get it for free by the giveaway event on it facebook homepage. You can try them and choose a suitable one.

@stephanieserblowski I found today that using the Windows Key + G to open the Xbox Game Bar has been a great way to record my screen.  It doesn't require you to start a teams meeting, you don't have to have an Xbox account to use it, and the files save to your computer.  I use a PC, and this was the work around I found that was free and easy for recording screens when you are alone/not wanting to utilize Teams.

Thanks for the tip. I will certainly try it out but in the meantime we have started to use the PowerPoint Recording feature, as we are producing most of our videos in PowerPoint anyway.
@Chris Webb I have done this previously with success, but I tried again recently, and although I can't see the thumbnail image of myself when I'm recording, it shows up on the final video. How do I get that not to show?

@Chris WebbWhat does it mean to record a screen? I have several Microsoft Excel sheets. I would like to record the data on Excel as well as the change from one sheet to the next. I would like to be able to press the tab scroll to move from one Excel sheet to the next while QuickTime is watching and recording. But so far it seems the tab key is not active while QuickTime is recording.